Vaporetto water bus lines in Venice

In Venice the public transport is by boat. The main boat services are the Vaporetto water buses for city and lagoon lines by ACTV and the airport connections by Alilaguna lines.

Vaporetto water bus - city and lagoon lines

ACTV Vaporetto water buses (map and time tables)

Bus and train station ↔ San Marco

From the bus station Piazzale Roma and the train station Santa Lucia you can go along the Grand Canal to San Marco using the Vaporetto boat line no. 1 or the faster line no. 2.

To the Lagoon: Murano and Burano

The main stop to the lagoon islands is Fondamenta Nuove. To Murano, you also can take the Vaporetto boat lines 4.1 and 4.2 from San Marco and from the train station .


A single ticket cost €7.50 and is valid 75 minutes in Venice and for going to the lagoon islands such as Burano and Murano (status 2015). Check actual prices at ACTV website.

Vaporetto night lines 'N'

At night, the Vaporetto boat lines connect:
Bus station (Piazzale Roma) - train station - Grand Canal - Rialto bridge - San Marco - Lido.
Bus station (Piazzale Roma) - Giudecca - Zattere - San Zaccaria (San Marco).
And also the lagoon: Fondamente Nove - Burano - P. Sabbioni; and Fondamente Nove - Murano.
See the (N)ight lines time table.

Airport Marco Polo ↔ Venice

Alilaguna lines (map)

By boat

From Marco Polo Airport, you can take the boats of Alilaguna lines to San Marco, Lido, the Cruise Terminal, and several other stops, see the Alilaguna lines map, time tables and prices.

By bus

You also can take a bus from Marco Polo Airport to the main bus station Piazzale Roma in Venice.
Comfortable express line (8€, 20 min) by ATVO
City bus, line no. 5 (8€, 22 min) by ACTV, see timetable.pdf
From Treviso Airport, there are bus services to Venice by Barzi (to Venice Tronchetto, 12€, 40min) and by ATVO (to Venice Piazzale Roma, 12€, 70min).

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